When I took my first job in hospitality - as a barista in Providence, RI while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, my intention was to earn some extra cash to buy paint, brushes and canvas.  Little did I know, the Universe had something else in mind for me, and within short order, a passion for making and serving drinks grew from a tiny spark to a smoldering ember that in time burst into flame. The rest, they say, is history. 



After graduation, I gained notoriety around town for hosting over the top speakeasy style parties in the tiny apartment that I shared with four other artists - rather than serve beer from kegs, we created installation pieces: a fridge stacked top to bottom with 40's, that called to mind a Warhol screenprint of rows of Campbell soup cans, the bathtub served as an oversized champagne chiller on more than one occasion, and rather than rum and cokes, we served pre - bottled Manhattans in chilled coupes.


I am currently the Beverage Director of Glady’s Caribbean in Brooklyn, the founder of Women Who Tiki, and keep myself busy creating cocktail recipes, hosting pop-ups, and leading educational seminars on the topic of spirits.